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wife swallowed a half dollar   5/20/2019

my wife swallowed a half dollar coin once took her two days to pass it she passed one quarter, two dimes and a nickel guess she was going through her change

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hahahahahaha   5/9/2019

Jane and Arlene are outside their nursing home, having a drink and a smoke, when it starts to rain. Jane pulls out a condom, cuts off the end, puts it over her cigarette, and continues smoking. Arlene

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when it rains it pours   5/7/2019

My wife and I attended a wake the other day where we ran into ans old friend . Tammy was always hanging out with me and my old friends all through high school. She had a personality that could bring

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MRS Smith   5/3/2019

The doctor called Mrs Smith and her husband answered The doctor said mister Smith I thunk we got your wife's test result mixed with the wrong Mrs Smith 's not good What can we do The doctor

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double dating   5/3/2019

Years ago before I was married I was best man at my friends wedding.Through out the practices and supper the maid of Honor and I got along great.After the practice we decided to go to the drive inn.Wh

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dogging   4/28/2019

now the weather is getting better it is dogging weather has any one here ever participated in dogging adventure's besides me. My friend with benefits and I found a place years ago where we tried i

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Ladies what is it your looking for in a man   4/25/2019

Maybe this question has been asked many times I dont know . What are women looking for when they looking for a man, what is it that attracts you to them. My self have never had a problem meeting or ev

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youngest one for me   4/23/2019

This is a true story happened to ago, surprisingly it turned out to be a summer fling I was checking out the Craig's list ads one afternoon when I came a cross an ad ,young looking for an o

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next door   4/21/2019

I had purchased a home went up for taxes in the city of syxxxse, it was a fixer upper but it was close to my work.The home had a lot of potential ,garage and nice yard secluded by shrubs in a low i

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men seem to like it   4/18/2019

I know that a lot of men enjoy seeing their woman have sex with other men as i used to my self. Do women really like it I wonder or are they just pleasing their man. Also wonder if women like seeing t

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A chance meeting an old flame   4/12/2019

A chance meeting with an old friend has made a new out look on things I was walking out of my wife's hospital room after visiting with her when down the hall was a nurse walking towards me. I smi

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a first date that lasted 5 yrs   4/8/2019

I was talking to a woman on a game room when it turned out she lived only 60 miles from me. We were playing scrabble and as we played the words became more erotic and sensual . After a while we began

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backing out   4/8/2019

I had met a couple from this site once and it didn't end the way I expected. We talked for several days and agreed to meet things looked like they were going well. But when we got to the bed roo

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replied to an ad sperm doner needed   4/4/2019

I happened to see an ad on a web site from a couple looking for a white .Ad said donate your sperm to a couple desperately wanting to start a family.Husband is unable to to produce active sperm. Send

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my first time with my wife and another guy   4/2/2019

My wife and I have a great marriage but after 20 yrs sex was getting a bit boring. We talked about trying to spice it up my entering the swinger's life style.My wife said she really didn't car

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the end of a swinging night   4/1/2019

As I walked Sandy back to the bedroom I noticed she wasn't very steady , kind of tough for a 60 yr old lady to screw as much as you have today isn't is I joked. I laid her down and kissed her

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